Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 2 &3 at the Kilns

Adjusting is the name of the game for weeks 2 and 3. Our third scholar returned from his conference in NY (and fell in love with NY), I had our first and second set of house guests (the first was a speaker for the Oxford CSL Society, Ann Loades CBE--Commander of the British Empire and spoke about Lewis and Gender--and the second were 2 guests from the CSL Foundation who were preparing for the upcoming Oxbridge conference in the summer), more tours were conducted by our very capable and interesting tour guides, Dr. Michael Ward (author of Planet Narnia) and Cole Matson (Renaissance man). The Aga stayed lit--the Aga man, Tony, told me to toss out my cookbooks and develop a relationship with the Aga . . . ; however, the upstairs heat wouldn't work so capable Tony trekked over here and got the radiators working just in time for the 42 degree weather and the second set of house guests. And I'm rereading George Sayers biography on Lewis--quite good! Off to week 4--see ya!


  1. That sounds incredibly busy!

    I don't usually comment, but I just wanted to let you know I miss you down here. I'm going to have to come visit sometime soon.

  2. I think you were a student of mine? You can email me on my unversity email if you wish--and let me know who you are--especially if you are wanting to vist!:-)