Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So You Wanted to Hear About Dog Beach?!

I've had enough inquiries about my beach hotel experience that I thought I had better tell the tale . . . It all began when I headed down to Ocean Beach, San Diego to visit my daughter while taking care of visa business. I arrived into the Ocean Beach area very late at night and after checking out seedy hotels, very expensive hotels (as in $450 expensive), and a "close to the beach" hotel, I finally returned near midnight to the "close to the beach" hotel.
I reasoned with the desk worker, "Do you really want to leave a room empty when it could be rented to me at a bargain price?"
She thought I had a good point and asked, "Do you have a dog?" After replying "no", she asked me the same question another three times as she checked me into my bargain room. I chalked her responses up to "late night syndrome."
I woke the next morning to a great view of the ocean and quickly ran out to sink my toes into the sand, but as I did I noticed about 25 dogs running around on the beach, swimming in the water, catching frisbees, and otherwise having a splendid time as only dogs can do. Well, the beach just happened to be officially called "Dog Beach" (yes, there really is one) and the hotel was a "dog friendly" hotel. Everywhere I went people were asking where my dog was . . .
Actually, The Ocean Villa Inn was very clean, friendly, and the view was great! I highly recommend them, and I'm sure to stay there again, but if you decide to check them out, be extra careful about those cookies on the counter--they're for doggy residents only!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the Journey Continues . . .

From Palm Springs I headed to San Diego! What a beautiful place to live and the most perfect weather anywhere on earth! While taking care of further visa paperwork, I was able to spend free time visiting with my daughter (who is moving to San Diego). We had a fun time while she was busy apartment hunting and setting up her new business in Ocean Beach. Apartments on the beach have to be one step closer to heaven! On the visa note . . . after sorting through four types of visas we finally located one that worked. There have been many changes over the past year in UK visas, but I'm now set up and just waiting for the processing--which should happen in the next week. So . . . I could be over in the UK by the end of next week or sooner (or later, but we won't talk about that)! Cheerio to you all!