Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So You Wanted to Hear About Dog Beach?!

I've had enough inquiries about my beach hotel experience that I thought I had better tell the tale . . . It all began when I headed down to Ocean Beach, San Diego to visit my daughter while taking care of visa business. I arrived into the Ocean Beach area very late at night and after checking out seedy hotels, very expensive hotels (as in $450 expensive), and a "close to the beach" hotel, I finally returned near midnight to the "close to the beach" hotel.
I reasoned with the desk worker, "Do you really want to leave a room empty when it could be rented to me at a bargain price?"
She thought I had a good point and asked, "Do you have a dog?" After replying "no", she asked me the same question another three times as she checked me into my bargain room. I chalked her responses up to "late night syndrome."
I woke the next morning to a great view of the ocean and quickly ran out to sink my toes into the sand, but as I did I noticed about 25 dogs running around on the beach, swimming in the water, catching frisbees, and otherwise having a splendid time as only dogs can do. Well, the beach just happened to be officially called "Dog Beach" (yes, there really is one) and the hotel was a "dog friendly" hotel. Everywhere I went people were asking where my dog was . . .
Actually, The Ocean Villa Inn was very clean, friendly, and the view was great! I highly recommend them, and I'm sure to stay there again, but if you decide to check them out, be extra careful about those cookies on the counter--they're for doggy residents only!

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