Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the Journey Continues . . .

From Palm Springs I headed to San Diego! What a beautiful place to live and the most perfect weather anywhere on earth! While taking care of further visa paperwork, I was able to spend free time visiting with my daughter (who is moving to San Diego). We had a fun time while she was busy apartment hunting and setting up her new business in Ocean Beach. Apartments on the beach have to be one step closer to heaven! On the visa note . . . after sorting through four types of visas we finally located one that worked. There have been many changes over the past year in UK visas, but I'm now set up and just waiting for the processing--which should happen in the next week. So . . . I could be over in the UK by the end of next week or sooner (or later, but we won't talk about that)! Cheerio to you all!


  1. Dr. Higgens, you are my hero. Although I am slightly disappointed that new generations of uptight theology majors won't have you as a teacher. But maybe you're not as disappointed as me :)

  2. Hey best of luck :-) - Jason Parker

  3. Hey Debbie,
    Wow, I can't believe it. Truly a fulfillment of an unbelievable dream! I am so glad for you. I just passed through London this summer. I will check out your blog here. Let's stay in touch.

    John Grys

  4. Hi, Debbie:

    Just saw the announcement in the Review!

    I'm so very thrilled for you...and WHAT an odyssey, so far.

    You're attitude is terrific, as always, and I'm saying a prayer for those arranging your papers. Hoping that you're already safely in Warnie's room!


    God bless,


  5. Dear Dr. Debbie,

    Congratulations for taking this, most exciting detour in your professional life. I'm retired now so I'm not jealous, just happy for you. ;-}

    I am also very happy for the honor you're bestowing on your university, Southern.

    I remember when I discovered C.S. Lewis in the early 1970's and how much my mind was filled with his simple, yet profound, and literary, descriptions of God and Christianity. I couldn't find more Lewis to read, fast enough.

    Then, one day, I was reading his biography and discovered he died while I was a Senior in high school. Just knowing that our lives might have crossed startled me in a way I cannot describe.

    Unfortunately, most people I tell that to get no sign of recognition in their eyes. To me it was a, 'near tears,' experience.

    I wish you a grand two years in one of the most fruitful corners of God's garden. May you be doubly blessed. Both by sharing God and sharing one of his most articulate spokesmen to the twentieth century and beyond.

    I hope you are able to help those scholars see the beauty of God, who tread in the footsteps of one of the few superlative Christian minds of the twentieth century.



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  13. Vic,

    I find your comments irrelevant and inappropriate. If you have a problem with what Dr. Higgens is doing and believes in, then perhaps you should simply stop reading her blog. There are many forums to which you can--and should--post your rants, but this blog is not one of them.

  14. Dear Friends,
    I do not wish to enter into a theological debate here--that is not the purpose of this blog. I have many Christian friends from various denominations who do not believe exactly the way I do. I also have many friends from my own denomination who do not believe in God at all--it is purely a social/cultural "thing". It is in this light that I believe CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien both to be honorable Christian men living up to the light given to them. My greatest hope is that I can do the same. I have asked God to place me where He can reveal Himself through me, and He has guided me to this position. I consider it a great honor. My goal is to keep this blog positive. Please help me in this endeavor. Thank you and God Bless, Debbie

  15. It is a shame that you will not allow others to have this interesting debate on your site. Could it be that it makes you uncomfortable to discuss what might be considered walking on the edge? And what is wrong with a theological debate? Especially if you are of an evangelistic mind as are many of "your denomination".

  16. Dear Zee,
    As Rochelle mentioned above, there are many forums to which you can, and should, post this type of debate; however, mine is not one of them. Even the anonymous blogger above has a blog that encourages theological debate. Mine is a different type of blog. I appreciate your understanding and consideration.
    God bless, Debbie