Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jet Setting Around the US

After leaving the D.C. area and seeing some wonderful friends there--being dined by many--childhood friends, church friends from long ago, musician friends, and Tolkien Elven language friends, I headed to North Carolina, then back to Atlanta, stayed with more friends, this time from Southern, and then jetted over to a "very" sunny and hot, hot, hot California [115 degrees]! We have heard it said that "God works in mysterious ways" and I'm viewing my being able to visit with long-ago friends as a true blessing. Each and every person has offered new perspectives on life, Christian experience, and, of course, encouragement and support for me in my venture. One very important thing that this entire move has brought to the forefront of my attention is that I have the best friends in the entire world and would not trade even one of them (no matter how much they tease me:-) for anything! The laughter, the concern, and the care of others, isn't that what life is truly all about?! A God-given family indeed and I feel very privileged!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back in the USA

Well, after Dr. Debbie landed at Heathrow airport in London it was discovered that visa stipulations had changed in the past year for her type of position, so . . . she is back in the the Washington, D.C. area . . . waiting. After the company she is volunteering with has gotten their paperwork in order then she will apply for the new type of visa. Hopefully this is only a glitch in the big picture of her volunteer work and research in Oxford . . . She has been told that her room awaits her--Warnie's room, for those who are familiar with The Kilns. Warren Lewis was C.S. Lewis' brother and his room is on the main floor with direct access to the house library. Till we meet again . . .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

After an eventful night of packing until 6am, three hours of sleep, a final trip to the storage unit, and the sale of my car, a friend whisked me off to this side of Atlanta to meet another friend who drove me to the airport at 6pm. Of course, I had to repack bags at the counter due to weight limits and then finally I had all four bags checked in, my heavy carry on of all books and my backpack hoisted onto the security belts . . . and then, I was through the final security check! My 9pm flight was on time, flying was smooth, movies were good, veggie meals yummy and after a few hours of sleep we touched down in merry ole England . . . [more to come as the travel adventure is just beginning].

Monday, August 2, 2010

Community Effort!

Well, I've decided that a move this big takes a community effort! As someone mentioned the other day, "You sure must have a lot of good friends" and yes, I do! I have had friends from church, friends from the university, friends from my equestrian activities, students, and many more, pitch in to get things sorted, things packed, and things (like my duplex) cleaned up and out!! I officially moved the last of my belongings into the storage unit last Thursday when I hired a math major and his friend to "sort" and pack the unit--they considered it a game of Tetris and did an awesome job of packing things to the top of the storage unit! All is in there with room to spare for a few things I have left to sort. Today I'm officially out of my duplex and staying with a generous friend . . . (and even her dog Pepe likes me . . .). Tomorrow I sort and pack some more--and oh, yes, for those thinking I was leaving today for England, well, I had an ear problem (and a "I'm not finished packing problem) that gave cause for an additional couple of days. Tomorrow will bring more sorting and packing and taking care of my horse and his accommodations. Cheers!