Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back in the USA

Well, after Dr. Debbie landed at Heathrow airport in London it was discovered that visa stipulations had changed in the past year for her type of position, so . . . she is back in the the Washington, D.C. area . . . waiting. After the company she is volunteering with has gotten their paperwork in order then she will apply for the new type of visa. Hopefully this is only a glitch in the big picture of her volunteer work and research in Oxford . . . She has been told that her room awaits her--Warnie's room, for those who are familiar with The Kilns. Warren Lewis was C.S. Lewis' brother and his room is on the main floor with direct access to the house library. Till we meet again . . .


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  2. Lerone said...
    Dr. Higgens,

    Are you still in the DC area? I live in the area. Let me know how long you will be here. I would love to try to meet up with you. It was great seeing you at GC. Congrats on your new move and I hope the visa glitch will be resolved quickly so you can return to The Kilns. :)


  3. Your story is so very familar - I am sorry, wish you had contacted me before you started out as I might have been able to help. Blessings, Donna

  4. Wow, Debbie, this must be so frustrating. Is any progress being made now? You were so ready to go; I'm sure this is difficult.

    A friend from the SDA Church just told me about your appointment. He mentioned it to me because I host a blog called Mere C.S. Lewis which offers daily readings from the works of Lewis. I would be honoured to have someone of your calibre in Lewis studies to review this blog and maybe post a comment or two or send me some feedback.

    Here's to more people reading more C.S. Lewis! And God speed your arrival at The Kilns.