Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 4

I found a "real" grocery store this week. Typically the stores are small, but when I can locate someone with a car to drive me, I can now shop at Tescos, a store with 3 aisles of produce--I was estatic! Aiden Mackey, renowned GK Chesterton scholar, recently moved close by and offered his services whenever I need a ride to the store--yes, freedom from busses and small loads of groceries that are only carriable! Besides grocery shopping and the typical tours by Michael and Cole, Dr. Bernard Brandstater was our house guest for a few days. Since I had stayed at his and Bev's home in Redlands, I had fun returning the favor by taking Bernard to church with me, eating at the Eagle and Child, touring the Ashmolean (museum) and Oxford, visiting Lewis' church and seeing the beautiful Narnia window and his gravesite. As soon as Bernard left on Monday, I quickly prepared for my first "proper" tea at 4pm with Walter Hooper and the dean of Christ Church (college) and his wife among the 9 guests. Since this tea came at the last minute, I of course, phoned up the English Rose tea house in Chattanooga, TN and they graciously guided me in planning out the menu and how to make everything--even down to the cucumber sandwiches! The English Rose serves the best English tea I have ever had anywhere and I thank them wholeheartedly for saving me in my risky endevour! I knew I had arrived when the dean's wife looked in the dining room and said, "Oooh, a proper tea!" and Walter Hooper took me by the arm and said in the presence of everybody, "These are the best cucumber sandwiches I have ever had in my life!" Ahhhh, victory!


  1. How exciting! I would be so nervous serving proper English tea since I have no idea how to do it. I'm glad you were able to get such good advice from right here in Chattanooga!

  2. Call me next time...I am king of the samovars. I have not stopped praying for your time in England, and can see your face happy across the pond.

  3. Thank you, Victor, I need the prayers as there are many challenges--from simple shopping and traveling back and forth to town--to serious matter of religous beliefs. I'm finding this is not just a "position" but a true ministry!