Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at the Kilns II

December arrived and tours lessened a bit. We all welcomed author Greg Bourgond who prepared and actually wrote his second book while here. He even wrote during our scholar Christmas party--a dress-up Narnia Christmas party. While Mr. Tumnus was one of our very own, we also had Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Mrs. Beaver, Prince Rilian, Reepicheep, and many more. Another crowd of 30 or so guests! This time I only did minimal baking and the scholars bought or made the goodies to eat. The house looked warm and inviting in contrast to the cold and snow outside. Lots of pleasant conversation and more tours of the house took place. Greg returned home on the 23rd and the scholars drifted off to homes and friends to celebrate Christmas day. I "happened" to get invited to the best-known cook in the neighborhood's house for Christmas dinner. So, after a lovely morning church service I joined Robert and Dierdre's family for a traditional English Christmas dinner. We had crackers (not food) at the table, wore crowns and told the riddles that were in the crackers, and had real Christmas pudding (and the traditional brussel sprouts ...). Several of us went hiking in the snow after lunch and then returned for a full Christmas tea with trifle pudding. I returned home sufficiently stuffed and having learned much about English Christmas traditions! Skype phone calls home made the day wonderfully complete!

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