Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at the Kilns

Along with celebrating early in November, we had Christmas parties in November as well. Since the term lets out the end of November, the Oxford CS Lewis Society held their Christmas party at the Kilns. I decorated three mantles with lites, holly branches from the woods, and pine cones. Candles burned in the fireplaces and pine branches strewn on tables gave a festive yet natural look. About 30 people turned up and all had the cookies I had made (I hadn't stayed up baking Christmas cookies since my kids were little!)plus mulled (spiced) punch and other goodies. We split up into 3 groups to tour the house and, Cole Matson, Michael Ward, and Walter Hooper and I led the tours. Walter was great--since he knew Lewis he had all sorts of stories to tell for each room. I think I had the best group:-)! Then we gathered for some poetry reading (yup, only groups like this one would thrive on poetry reading:-) while Cole and Michael recited poetry or read funny stories. Walter had to take the Mr. Popularity award as I have pictures of him with a dozen or so students all grouped around listening excitedly to his experiences with CS Lewis.

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